If I was to make a wild guess, the 2nd rounder acquired from Washington was potentially part of a package for Marino, but for whatever reason the Penguins went with New Jersey's off rather than the Sens' proposal.

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Yeah, that was my feeling as well. I don't know if a 2nd+Brannstrom package gets that deal done, but I'm kind of glad that Ottawa missed out on Marino.

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Nice work Graeme. Just incredible that Dorion traded for a d-man just months ago with worse metrics than Zaitsev. He's had a great summer but that deal gives me zero confidence they are capable of bringing the right guy in.

I would have been very confident Sanderson would succeed in his rookie year, but that wrist injury (like the earlier shoulder injury) scares me. He has some height but needed to build strength this off-season, and I wonder how limited he was in the weight room.

My gut tells me he won't be a significant factor this year. But take that with a grain of salt. I'm a superstitious pessimist always hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

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